Q:How to apply eye color chaning operation?

A:Actual meaning of “Eye Color” is the color of iris layer. It is the color pigments which giving the color to this layer. Depending on the density of this pigments basicly it can differ like pitch,green and blue. For example in blue eyes the density of this pigments is very low or none. If we distinguish this pigments, the color becomes lighter to blue and green. With the latest LASER technology, color pigment density, can be changed.

Q: Is this procedure can be applied to Heterochromy patients?

A: Heterochoromy is the color difference between an individuals eyes and the procedure can applied to this eyes.

Q: Is it applicable to all patients?

A: with the age of over 18 and without any eye disease; yes it is applicable to all patients.

Q: what king of diseases effecting this procedure?1.Without HighEye Tension
2.Without Cornea Problems
3.Without Shape Differences of Iris
Yes it can be applicable to all patients.

Q: After REFRACTION (MHYOPY,HYPERMETROPY,ASTIGMATISM,PRESBYOPY ) problems theatened, can the app be applied ?

A: With the refraction problems this procedure can be applied and there is no relation between them.

Q: How much time it takes to change color?

A: Changing of color immediately starts after the first application but it depends to how much and how dense an individual having this procedure for to be noticed by a naked eye from outside. Also color of the iris layer is important too. For dark colored eyes it takes 3 to 4 app and for light colored eyes it takes 1 to 2 apps to be noticed.

Q: Can the ammended color be achieved at the end of procedure?

A: A certain color tone can not be aimed. At the end of this procedure there will be a latest tone which can vary from green to blue.

Q: Is there any age limit ?

A: We can accept only patients after the age of 18.

Q: What kind of risks including ?

A: As any operation, there is some risks for this procedure can be mentioned as :

a. An increase in eye tension:
This complication can be observed after called Humor Achos Eye Liquid Veins Dhrened and blocked the Trabechuler Web. For this reason this proceduce must be applied very slowly and carefuly. Caring to this points, rate of this risk very low.

b. Occurance of Catharact:
Can be observed after if laser beams effects the lens of eye. With the experienced Surgents and Doctors; this risk can be kept at minimum.

c. Cornea Endotenel Damage:
With the wrong laser beam and non suitable conditions this damage can be obresved.

d. Shape deformations at iris:
With the wrong laser beam and non suitable conditions this damage can be obresved.

Q: How to decide for periods of this procedure?

A: It can vary depending on the aimed color. Also it should be known that darker coloured eyes needs more application.

Q: Can contact lens be used after the procedure?

A: Contact lenses can be used after the procedure, but contact lenses should be used after drops.